5 Projects to Tackle in the Fall



The cool fall weather makes me think FOOTBALL!  But it is also a good time to “tackle” some home projects without battling the heat of summer.


1.  Insulate the attic  Nobody wants to work in a hot stuffy attic, so wait until fall.  Not only will it be cooler and more comfortable to work, as the weather cools you will feel drafts and be able to determine what areas need attention.

2.  Become Energy Efficient  Caulking around doors, windows and siding is an easy, inexpensive way to keep cold air out and warm air in.  Spike Carlson from Family Handyman magazine shares a trick he uses to test where you need to caulk.  Walk around the interior of your home with a lighted incense stick. “If the smoke starts blowing, that tells the story pretty quickly,” he says.  Carlsen recommends using silicone caulk because it’s flexible, waterproof, and crackproof. You do it on the outside of your home, so make sure you do it before it gets too cold. “If the temperature drops below 40, you shouldn’t caulk,” because the caulk won’t take as well, he warns.

3.  Clean the Gutters  Because moisture is one of the most biggest problems when maintaining a home it is important to keep it at a minimum.  You want water to run down gutters and away from the foundation of the home.  Be sure as soon as the leaves are off of the trees gutters are cleaned and downspouts are correctly positioned to push moisture away.

Another area moisture causes problems is on wooden decks.  Carlson suggests using a dull hand saw to remove debris that gets lodged between slats.  This will prevent mold and allow the wood to “breathe” prolonging the life of your deck.

4.  Plant a Tree Roots on trees are dormant in the fall (and spring) so it is easier on the tree to plant in the fall.  Take note of where to plant to provide a wind break in the winter and shade in the summer.

5. Clean Out!  Over the summer bikes, beach toys, and lawn equipment  get shoved in the garage and organization flies out the door.  Take advantage of the cooler weather to organize and clean out this cluttered space.  Utilize shelving, hooks and other organization systems to give everything a home.  Also take this opportunity to locate shovels just in case you have an early snow.  You will certainly appreciate that indoor parking space on a cold winter morning!

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